Hermes Barenia Faubourg Tote Bag

It’s not often that Hermes treats us to a different leather so we’re thrilled to view that they have refreshed the A great deal beloved Barenia and launched it as Barenia Faubourg for this Autumn and Winter – and ideally further than.

Barenia Faubourg however carries the delectable smell of the first Barenia, and Hermes guarantee us that it will establish the same patina as just before, thank goodness. The most crucial big difference would be that the leather has much more of a grain to it and appears comparable to Togo and Taurillon Clemence – the scratch resistant Qualities of Barenia are reported to have been retained much too so so far as we can easily see there’s no cause not to like Barenia Faubourg!

Lilac Blue London Use a 35cm Birkin in Fauve Barenia Faubourg with Palladium Hardware – don’t skip the possibility to become among the list of first with this particular Attractive new leather!

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