2020 December 14: Boy Chanel Crocodile Skin Handbag Black

The Boy Chanel Crocodile Skin Handbag Black is a simple, structured rectangular bag, with a chain/leather strap combo and a single flap closure. The interior is an open compartment, with a small slip pocket small enough to house a couple of cards.

The fastening mechanism is relatively simple and easy to operate. It comprises an ornamental plaque adorning the front of the bag with an embossed overlapping CC logo at its centre. The CC motif embraces a closure stud linking the front flap to the main part of the bag, i.e. the trunk. There are also rectangular release buttons placed on each side of the plaque allowing the bag to be opened and closed without much effort. As far as fastening systems go, I find the closure in Boy bags very user-friendly and I prefer it over the lock in the Flap bag.

The boxy shape of the Boy design, while admittedly not to everyone’s taste, is certainly an attribute when it comes to accommodating personal items. The angular silhouette allows to utilise the full space of the bag, making it easy to fit in and access essentials. This aspect counteracts somewhat the diminutive size of the Small Boy and is something that has always appealed to me because it makes the bag quite practical (well… as far as mini bags go).

What Fits Inside?

Admittedly not the roomiest bag by any stretch but I find I can fit all the essentials inside that I need for day to day, including:

  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • Cardholder
  • Key case
  • 3x Lipsticks/Lip balms
  • Foundation compact
  • Small perfume

One of my favourite aspects of the Small Chanel Boy bag, and the reason why it is such a perfect occasion bag, is its ornate character. The relatively chunky link chain present in all Boy bags is, generally, very hard to miss and constitutes one of the most distinguishable features of this style. Small Chanel Boys sees even more ornamental because of the larger proportion of the chain to the leather trunk component, turning the decorative strap into a real statement which captures everyone’s attention. As such a Chanel Small Boy bag is not only a functional item but also an embellishment, acting almost as a piece of jewellery elevating even a demure outfit into something really special.